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Tuesday 20 October 2009


Once a year in October, Trochtelfingen hosts the 'Stöckles-Cup', a Nordic Walking competition. 'Stöckles' refers to the sticks used in Nordic Walking.
During the latest edition in 2009, Schosers gained prominence not only through their individual participation, they also organised the largest participating team: the team 'Schoser-Miteinander-Füreinander' ('Schoser-with and for each other') gathering 104 out of the total of 530 participants. According to the rules of 'Stöckles-Cup', this made team Schoser win this competition and, moreover, constituted a new record team size.
On an individual level, Valentina Schoser covered the middle distance of 12 km while Ellen, Bernhard and Vincent walked the maximum distance of 16 km. Next chance to take part is on 17 October 2010.