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Saturday 5 May 2012

MS Wall of Hope

Tiffany at Walk MS in 2011. She is pictured in front
of the MS Wall of Hope, where participants can
write down in whose honor they are walking.
This Saturday, Tiffany Schoser, Executive Assistant to iTriage founders Wayne Guerra, MD, and Pete Hudson, MD, is participating in Denver’s Walk MS, the National Multiple Sclerosis Society’s largest pledge-based fundraiser. Schoser, who has participated in Walk MS since 2002, and has been a Crew Coordinator since 2006, seeks to raise $1,000 to help fund MS research.

“Walk MS inspires me to have hope. I dedicate my time because I want to DO something to fight this disease – for those diagnosed, their friends, family members, and to everyone who someday could find themselves living with MS,” says Schoser. “I want to pass my blessings on in anyway I can, and this is one of the most powerful ways.”

Schoser reflects this hope in her enthusiasm about Walk MS: “It’s about compassion for others,” says Schoser. “It’s about raising awareness for a disease that strikes individuals in the prime of their life. It’s about doing much more than you have to in life to make someone else’s life better. Most importantly, it’s about people, about your community, your neighbors, your family, and your friends.”

Posted by Amelia Laing on May 1, 2012 in Health and Wellness

Tuesday 1 May 2012

Here we go again!

Martin Schoser running to renew his seat as Member of Parliament in the regional elections in North-Rhine Westphalia on 13 May 2012.