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Thursday 7 May 2020

Help in the time of Corona

It is the spring of the year 2020 and the Corona pandemic is sweeping across the globe. What started in a faraway city in China has spread at breakneck speed to every part of the world. The first European country hit by the pandemic was Italy. As it was the first, there was almost no time to prepare. The Italian people and health system came under great distress before they really realised what was happening...

Joachim holding the donation cheque

Joachim Schoser has very close business links with Italy. His very business is the import of food products from Italy, especially from Northern Italy were the pandemic struck hardest. In view of great strain on the population, he therefore decided to take action and to organise a donation for Ospedali Santa Croce in the Italian region of Piemont. The customers of Joachim's shop Via del Gusto donated in total €10,000 to the three hospitals in Monacalieri, Maggiore di Chieri and San Lorenzo di Carmagnola that form the Ospitali Santa Croce group. 
"We know our suppliers personally. Often, they are small family businesses with only two or three employees", explains Joachim. "It became very quickly obvious that the hospitals would not be able to manage the situation and needed support. By helping the hospitals, the action would benefit all inhabitants of the region. We are very, very proud of our customers who together have donated such a large amount", concludes Joachim.