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Sunday 6 August 2017

PaPis snacks take off to the skies

Nadia - cofounder of PaPicante
Former stewardess Nadia Schoser has achieved her ambition to design a healthy snack and have it served on airplanes. With her start-up company PaPicante, she introduced a pea protein snack bar to the public in early 2017 and only a few months later, the snack is listed not only with German airline Eurowings but also with major retailers such as EDEKA and REWE.

The snack comes in three flavours: American style, Mediterranean style and Asian style. Nadia's vision was to create a savoury and healthy counterpart to sweet cereal bars and other calorie-rich snacks usually served on board.  Accordingly, the snacks are made of natural ingredients such as pea protein crisps, rice syrup and puffed quinoa.

PaPicante's website reveals that to date 29,314 PaPis have been consumed. The website also runs an online shop where PaPis can be ordered in unlimited quantities.