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Schosers have conquered the world. But where exactly are they? Where have they come from? Where are they going? Schosers have also been at the forefront of many revolutionary discoveries and achievements. Whether in sports, science, business, arts or nonsense, Schosers have the potential to excel. See this unique collection of evidence of Schosers' whereabouts and achievements!

Thursday 13 December 2012

Obituary for Hildegard Schoser

Hildegard Schoser (Stapf) of Trochtelfingen died on Saturday, 8 December 2012 in Tettnang hospital. She was 82. Hildegard was born on 21 April 1930, in Frankfurt-Höchst, the second child of Theodor and Anna Stapf. Her father owned a household supply shop in Hofheim where she helped out from an early age. Later, she worked in the clothing boutique of her husband in Trochtelfingen.

Hildegard married Hans Schoser on 13 August 1956. They had five sons. Hildegard is remembered by her family for her good sense of humor, her active involvement in several associations namely the women's association of the historical trainband and in carnival activities. For most of the past 16 years, she took care of her husband Hans confined to a wheelchair after a stroke.

Hildegard was preceded in death by her brother Theo. She is survived by her sister Cecilia, her husband Hans, their five sons Norbert, Bernhard, Georg, Michael and Joachim, their wifes and eight grand-children. A memorial service took place in St Martin in Trochtelfingen on 13 December 2012.

Saturday 29 September 2012

Wedding Registry

On 29 September 2012, Michelle Schoser and Ben Davis got married.

As a source of inspiration for wedding gifts Michelle and Ben created an online gift registry at Crate & Barrel. Their family and friends could choose among a wide variety of household items and order them instantly online.

Some of the less conventional items include an Italian Chrome pasta maker cranking out fresh homemade paste in minutes, an authentic Mexican molcajete handcarved of natural volcanic stone and a Cuisinart griddler with five separate cooking options handling everything from pancakes and sauces to steaks and burgers to grilled cheese and panini.

Nearly all their wishes seem to have been fulfilled. Hence, probably well worth paying a visit to Michelle and Ben around diner time.

Saturday 15 September 2012

Cooper run

The Cooper test is a test of physical fitness. It was designed by Kenneth H. Cooper in 1968 for US military use. The point of the test is to run as far as possible within 12 minutes. Hence, in contrast to other runs, the Cooper test fixes the time instead of the distance.
Jakob and Anton Schoser took part in a 12-minute Cooper run on 15 September 2012. They are both members of the Brussels Finnish Athletics Club 'Flying Finns' which regularly organises Cooper runs. Jakob ran a distance of 2525m while his younger brother Anton covered 2270m. In the case of Jakob, this was not even his best performance as he had managed to run 2610m one year earlier.

Saturday 5 May 2012

MS Wall of Hope

Tiffany at Walk MS in 2011. She is pictured in front
of the MS Wall of Hope, where participants can
write down in whose honor they are walking.
This Saturday, Tiffany Schoser, Executive Assistant to iTriage founders Wayne Guerra, MD, and Pete Hudson, MD, is participating in Denver’s Walk MS, the National Multiple Sclerosis Society’s largest pledge-based fundraiser. Schoser, who has participated in Walk MS since 2002, and has been a Crew Coordinator since 2006, seeks to raise $1,000 to help fund MS research.

“Walk MS inspires me to have hope. I dedicate my time because I want to DO something to fight this disease – for those diagnosed, their friends, family members, and to everyone who someday could find themselves living with MS,” says Schoser. “I want to pass my blessings on in anyway I can, and this is one of the most powerful ways.”

Schoser reflects this hope in her enthusiasm about Walk MS: “It’s about compassion for others,” says Schoser. “It’s about raising awareness for a disease that strikes individuals in the prime of their life. It’s about doing much more than you have to in life to make someone else’s life better. Most importantly, it’s about people, about your community, your neighbors, your family, and your friends.”

Posted by Amelia Laing on May 1, 2012 in Health and Wellness

Tuesday 1 May 2012

Here we go again!

Martin Schoser running to renew his seat as Member of Parliament in the regional elections in North-Rhine Westphalia on 13 May 2012.

Saturday 24 March 2012

Monday 6 February 2012

The teacher

All the teachers
Claudia Schoser-Blottner is a teacher at Potsdam's School of the Virgin Mary. The school was opened as recently as in August 2008. It however follows the tradition of a previous School of the same name which existed before the communist era of Eastern Germany.

Claudia teaches biology, geography and religion in the secondary school section. Recently, she has been appointed headmaster. This is a particular challenge as the school is being built up and still needs to expand from its present eight to the required twelve age-group levels. The next immediate challenge is the second term starting today!

Tuesday 24 January 2012

On the beach with Aphrodite

Hotel Aphrodite at Vatera beach on the Greek Island of Lesbos seems the perfect place to spend your holidays: inexpensive and family run with a great taverna right on the Vatera beach said to be one of the best beaches in Greece. On Saturday nights the hotel stages live Greek music and dancing and "it can get very festive".

No wonder the travel reviews excel each other in praise of this destination. Hard to find a rating with less than four stars! This is also true for Bernd Schoser who spent his holidays there some years ago. In his review, he thanks the Hahathakis family for the beautiful stay and concludes that he is sure to come back! It is though not reported whether a festive Aphrodite was at play...  

Friday 13 January 2012

Stadt Frankfurt trauert um ehemaligen Palmengarten-Direktor Gustav Schoser

(pia) Gustav Schoser, der ehemalige Direktor des Palmengartens, ist vergangenen Donnerstag, 5. Januar, im Alter von 87 Jahren gestorben. Schoser hatte die international renommierte Institution von 1968 bis 1992 geleitet. Oberbürgermeisterin Petra Roth würdigte den Verstorbenen mit den Worten: „Gustav Schoser hat mit seinem Lebenswerk Garten- und Kulturgeschichte geschrieben und eine ganze Ära der Modernisierung des Palmengartens geprägt. Mit ihm verliert die Stadt Frankfurt einen wichtigen Botschafter in der Welt.“

Der am 22. August 1924 in Trochtelfingen geborene Schoser schuf die Basis, für die der Palmengarten auch heute noch steht: Mehr als ein botanischer Garten, mehr als eine tolle Event- und Entspannungs-Location, mehr als eine Sparte im Kulturbetrieb. Ob Palmenhausgalerien, Subantarktishaus oder Konzertmuschel, ob Neubauten von Gärtnerei und Betriebshof, eine Renovierung von Haus Leonhardsbrunn, der Bau von Haus Rosenbrunn und Villa Leonhardi oder das um 90 Grad gedrehte historische Schauhaus am Eingang Siesmayerstraße – sie alle tragen seine Handschrift.

Der Botaniker rückte den Garten mit Veranstaltungen, Ausstellungen und botanischen Fachkongressen wieder mehr ins öffentliche Gespräch. Die schon im 19. Jahrhundert gepflegte Musiktradition in Siesmayers Garten nahm einen neuen Aufschwung. Für die Reihe „Jazz im Palmengarten“ etwa, eine der ältesten Open-Air-Konzertreihen, gewann er Jazz-Größen wie Albert Mangelsdorff, Christof Lauer oder Wolfgang Dauner.

Schoser holte 1975 die 8. Welt-Orchideenkonferenz nach Frankfurt und damit zum ersten Mal in eine europäische Stadt. 1980 gründete er mit der „Grünen Schule Palmengarten“ einen gartenpädagogischen Dienst, der alsbald im In- und Ausland zum Vorbild wurde. Auch nach seiner Pensionierung widmete sich der leidenschaftliche Botaniker stets seinen Lieblingspflanzen, den tropischen Orchideen und Rosen.

Schoser ist Träger des Bundesverdienstkreuzes Erster Klasse, der Ehrenplakette der Stadt Frankfurt sowie zahlreicher Orden aus der Welt der Botanik. Die Universität Mainz ehrte ihren langjährigen Lehrbeauftragten für Tropen-Botanik, der auch in Frankfurt den naturwissenschaftlichen Nachwuchs unterrichtete, mit einer Ehrenprofessur.

Die Trauerfeier ist am Freitag, 13. Januar, um 12 Uhr in der Trauerhalle des Frankfurter Hauptfriedhofes. Die Beisetzung findet im engsten Familienkreis statt.

Veröffentlicht als Pressemitteilung der Stadt Frankfurt am 10. Januar 2012

Monday 9 January 2012

Obituary for Gustav Schoser

Gustav Schoser of Hofheim (Taunus) died on 5 January 2012 at the age of 87. Mr Schoser was born on 22 August 1924 in Trochtelfingen (Hohenzollern) as the eldest of four children of Maria and Gustav Schoser (sen.). He first studied theology, switched later to biology and graduated with a Ph.D. from the University of Tübingen. On 11 April 1955, he married Rita Geißler. The Schosers had four children. The family first lived in Tübingen and moved to Frankfurt (Main) in 1968 when Gustav became director of the Frankfurt Botanical Garden Palmengarten. In 1992, he retired from this post and moved to Hofheim.

Gustav's motto 'attempto' (I dare)
Mr Schoser received several decorations among which the Order of Merit of the Federal Republic of Germany and several botanic awards. Several orchids carry his name. He also published numerous books and articles on gardening. Mr Schoser is survived by his wife Rita and their four children Claudia Schoser-Blottner of Berlin, Regina Philipps of Waldenburg, Susanne Hillmann of Wiesbaden and Benedikt Schoser of Munich and their five grand-children. A memorial service will take place at Frankfurt's main cemetery on Friday, 13 January 2012.