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Thursday 29 June 2017

Chairman wanted

To support extracurricular school activities, the town of Burladingen hosts a privately run fund-raising association. Over the past year, the association has supported projects as diverse as 'classes with horses', visits to the former concentration camp in Dachau and to a refugee reception camp in Sigmaringen as well as an alcohol prevention project for adolescents.
Melanie (2nd from right) with the association's board
At this year's annual assembly, there was therefore obviously reason to celebrate the successful work of the association. Even more so as the finances of the association are in good shape. Of particular importance to us is of course that Melanie Schoser has taken an active role in running the association as parents' representative. All would be seem perfect if there weren't a particular concern: after the resignation of the former chairman no one new has yet been found to fill that post. We don't want to believe that this can't be solved...