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Schosers have conquered the world. But where exactly are they? Where have they come from? Where are they going? Schosers have also been at the forefront of many revolutionary discoveries and achievements. Whether in sports, science, business, arts or nonsense, Schosers have the potential to excel. See this unique collection of evidence of Schosers' whereabouts and achievements!

Sunday 25 May 2014

Back in the Cologne City Council

In today's election for the City Council of Cologne, Martin managed to regain his seat as one of the 90 Council members. After having gained a seat also in the two previous Council elections, he had given up his seat in 2010 in favour of a seat in the regional Parliament of North Rhine-Westphalia as his party's rules of association exclude holding seats in both Parliaments at the same time.

Today, Martin obtained almost 36% of the votes in the Lindenthal I voting district corresponding to 4,698 votes. Compared to the results of the previous elections in 2009, Martin increased the number of votes by about 600, translating into a one percentage point increase in voting shares. He is ahead of his closest contender by about 13.5 percentage points, compared to 10.5 percentage points five years ago.

Friday 16 May 2014

U15 volleyball champion

Mona Schoser (4th from right)
in the winning girls' U15 volleyball team of TSV Burladingen

Wednesday 14 May 2014

Hopi Black Dye sunflowers and Magdalena Big Cheese squash

Aztec sophomore and JROTC cadet Albert Schoser 
splits wood at the Aztec Ruins National Monument in Aztec.

Monday 5 May 2014

Cinco de Mayo

made by Chance Schoser on 13 November 2012