Achievements & Whereabouts

Schosers have conquered the world. But where exactly are they? Where have they come from? Where are they going? Schosers have also been at the forefront of many revolutionary discoveries and achievements. Whether in sports, science, business, arts or nonsense, Schosers have the potential to excel. See this unique collection of evidence of Schosers' whereabouts and achievements!

Kids corner

  • homo planckendaelensis
Emil Schoser, 4 years, recently helped to discover the oldest known drawing of a human being (homo planckendaelensis). While he was digging in the sand of a playing ground nearby Planckendael, Province of Antwerp, Flanders he uncovered this unique drawing of prehistoric times. The researchers of the departement of anthropology of the University of Gent suspect that the drawing shows a medicine man performing a ritual dance.

  • Too fast to catch
Anton Schoser, 6 years, takes climate change seriously. To reduce his carbon footprint, he has undusted his bike and geared up his training efforts. He's become so fast it's difficult to catch him with a camera. It can't be a coincidence that Anton just lives around the corner from where the legendary Eddy Merckx grew up who won the Tour de France five times.

  • Protoceratops
Another ground-breaking discovery has recently been made by Emil Schoser. What scientists have been struggling to find out for at least a century he has been able to solve after studying numerous books and other documentation in the field: The mystery of what dinosaurs really looked like. It appears they weren't just green, grey or brown like most existing reptiles. In fact, they had lots of colours at the same time. This casts a completely new light on these ancient species. Who would have thought of them as such party animals?

  • 'Wetterfrosch' or 'Great TV moments'

  • The food tester
Mauritz Schoser, one year, has come to be known as incorruptible food tester. He will always recognise and speak his mind when confronted with bad quality food or unacceptable tastes such as tomatoes or spinach. Mauritz' specialisation is ice cream products where he has gained a particularly wide knowledge including even ice cream of Scandinavian origin. While he generally thinks that soft ice cream is nothing to sneeze at, it doesn't compare to Guiseppe's hand-made Italian ice cream from Café Venezia round the corner.