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Thursday 1 October 2020

German-French germane friends

In 1945, right after World War II, some German and French citizens founded the 'society for supranational cooperation' (GUEZ) to promote reconciliation and mutual understanding between the two people. GUEZ has as one of its main goals the organisation of bilingual holiday trips for teenagers of both nationalities. For this purpose, GUEZ operates several hostels in the two countries where the groups gather during Easter or summer holidays.

GUEZ is co-chaired two presidents, one German and one French. Franz Schoser has been the German president of GUEZ for more than three decades. As he grew up in post-war Germany in the part occupied by French troops, the reconciliation between the two people has been his personal cause ever since. 

Franz Schoser (2nd from right) at the signature of the Guidel lease contract

Franz has therefore been particularly proud to announce the further extension of GUEZ's activities. GUEZ will take over the management of another site in France to host youth trips. The organisation will lease for 20 year a hostel in Guidel in Brittany at the Atlantic Coast. The hostel offers 20 rooms for up to 80 guests. A person who appeared particularly pleased with the arrangement is GUEZ's French president whose family origins go back to a neighbouring village.