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Sunday 15 April 2018

Stiletto and a Suitcase

We are sending a big aloha, hola, bonjour and hello over to fellow blogger Michelle Schoser. Recently, Michelle has started the blog Stilettos & a Suitcase combining her professional passion for makeup and her private love for traveling. See below what it is all about. Keep it up Michelle!

Makeup Artist By Day, Travel Writer By Night!

After 10 years as a successful Freelance Makeup Artist and a goal oriented leader building businesses and teams with MAC Cosmetics, in 2008, Stilettos And A Suitcase was created as a hybrid concept extension of both my passion for Makeup and my love of writing about Travel experiences. Traveling for both work, adventure and pleasure has been something that I truly enjoy and want to share as much as I can with others.  Artistry in general has fueled my inner being and having the ability to do it by making others feel beautiful to build that outer confidence as a Makeup Artist is the best part of my job!  As a frequent business traveler in the Cosmetics Industry and veteran Makeup Artist, there is a constant hustle and bustle of getting from a variety of travel destinations, helping people look their best and having your own style on point while you are on the go.  After 20 years of professional makeup artistry experience ranging from celebrities to bridal clients and 10 years as a Travel Writer, I do believe in working hard and having fun both personally and professionally. The world is a big place, so why not see it doing something you love!

Stilettos And A Suitcase is not only a place to book your Makeup Artistry and Stylist needs, it is a place for the latest information on travel, food, drinks, culture, fashion and beauty.  Please click the contact page for any questions or use our chat function to have your Makeup and Travel needs met!

With Love,
Michelle xo