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Wednesday 20 April 2016

World Solar Challenge

RWTH Aachen university is known for its engineering studies, in particular for its electrical and mechanical engineering. But the university has much more to offer to its more than 43,000 students! It runs for example also a master programme in 'digital media communication'. This is what Luzia Schoser has opted for.

Being a media student, she has joined the team of the university's student magazine Kármán. In its latest edition, Luzia has written an article about an initiative of engineering students to participate in the World Solar Challenge 2017. She writes that this is known to be the toughest race for solar-driven vehicles as they have to cover a distance of 3,000 km across Australia. 

Sonnenwagen Aachen
While this shows how communication and engineering can play ball, it is not reported whether Luzia will also join the solar team on their trip down under next year.